Zen of Every Day

For me, the idea of Aim for Even is bringing Zen into my every day. Actually, looking-within-0213it is less “bringing it” and more “meeting it.” How or when that occurs depends on the day.

It is never the same nor am I.

The door of equanimity is ever open, swinging wide, but until I immerse myself in the moment, there is no evenness of mind.

“I gave myself up so completely to present desires and pleasures that I had no energy to waste on more wishful thinking” (Simone de Beauvoir).

The moment takes me through life’s ebb and flow. Some days are a constant juggling act; others, more an extended meditation, not a ripple in sight. Each is its own daily dose.

I am content not to know yesterday or tomorrow. Mine is the moment, and it is enough.


6 thoughts on “Zen of Every Day

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  1. Receiving your daily doses helps me return to the now every day. Thank you! I am struck as I cultivate this practice how the holding on and the letting go are two sides of the same surface, just like the happy/sad, good/bad, past/future. I don’t know if this analogy makes sense but it helps me to think of my place as the “/” between the two. Maybe that “/” is like your “even.”

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    1. Makes sense to me, Audrey! I agree that holding on and letting go are two sides of the same surface. Wholeness provides a completely different perspective on dualism, for both are necessary, and thus, no friction. And yes, it seems that your “/” is my “even.” Thanks for this, Audrey. I have yet another way to view this.


  2. I just finished reading “the power of now” by Tolle for the 2nd time, and your wonderful blogs share many insights with him.

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    1. I have not read Tolle, other than an occasional article/essay. Thank you for reminding me of him; it means a great deal to me that he is important to you. Glad you’re enjoying these posts, Craig.


  3. Love the quote. Simone makes it sound like a blissful act of self-indulgence rather than a practical discipline. What a way to approach mindfulness!!

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