The Pause: the Routine of All Routines

When I began the #DailyDose, I knew there would be days of pause. I decided that a year of posts–365–would be my first benchmark, no matter how many days that might take.

Hurricane Hermine was only my first pause. There are more to come, each unique in its own period of time, ever tweaking my perspective. To aim for even is a constant re-balancing act.

I may begin my day with meditation and yoga but there is one routine that supersedes all others. I call it the power of pause, that moment between the in breath and the out breath, releasing one for yet another.

The power of pause is a reach into the unknown, the quiet courage of the heart resonating throughout the body as the head constantly wonders.wondering-warrior-0313

It is that crisp, that charged this voyage in to all we are, a trusted leap from the comfort of the breath we have to the unknown, the breath yet experienced.

In-between breaths, we glimpse the spark of us. The power of pause brings forth the ego-less emotions of compassion, equanimity, loving-kindness, and joy— the very best in us.

The power of pause is available to us in every breath, our access to the compassionate response no matter the moment. It reminds that to pause is sometimes better than to run head-on into the fray.

Of course, the wave of impermanence in its inimitable and innumerable forms also helps us to pause.

It interrupts the life pace, sometimes rather abruptly. There is something we need to learn. It behooves us to be mindful. When the regular pace of life returns—be it external or internal energy— we find the familiar, a bit changed but recognizable nonetheless.

Emily Dickinson said that “To live is so startling it leaves but little room for other occupations. “

Perhaps the power of pause gives us a bit more wiggle room.

Aim for Even posts offer equanimity in daily doses. No day or dose is ever the same, even if the aim is. You may read about the origins of Aim for Even here or on this site’s About page. 


2 thoughts on “The Pause: the Routine of All Routines

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  1. Love these words Karen! There are many pauses in life. An other one I like is the quiet courage at the end of our out breath. This is the more challenging pause I come to when my mind is distracted. The mind has to slow down to be able to rest in this entrance to the void. 💛


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