The Different One

“Be the different one.”

The incomparable Seth Godin recently shared a story about Leonard Nimoy and Gene Roddenberry during the early days of Star Trek.

The issue was Spock’s reaction to a certain scene. Roddenberry told him ”be the different one.”

And Spock was born.

Different mindset, the one apart, letting the familiar fall away to ride a new wave again and again, ever evolving.

Spock is a classic not because Spock is the same old, same old. Classic is timeless, a fresh look through the life lens every time.

For me this is another way of deconstructing mindset, not labeling my daily energy as low or high, as I am wont to do.

Rather, I free myself from the constructs of the label–tired–by neither avoiding nor attaching to it. What, then?

Immerse myself in enough. Trust the word wide search of my mind and do not fear the fog. Easy to say on the days when words are everywhere for the plucking.

Yet days of fog are not without their offerings. I’ve gained a new appreciation of what it means to put one word after another, whether or not the sentence ever comes to life.

I do not want to miss an opportunity of a word or two revealing itself. So, I stay in the fog or sail the cloudless sky and all the days in between. Each is enough.

There is no saving up for a “next” day of my design.

In each daily dose, there is a line in the sand redrawn moment by moment. It’s how we ride the wave of impermanence that is the difference for each one of us.

Thank you, Seth Godin, for giving me another perspective on the daily dose.

Aim for Even posts offer equanimity a dose at a time. No day or dose is ever the same, even if the aim is. You may read about the origins of Aim for Even here or on this site’s About page.

Your Daily Dose?

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