Master of the Brand

He is the master of the brand, crafting content for effect. Any way the wind blows he is its head, always a storm.

Illusion requires only the constant misdirect of attention, a momentary flash so bright that everything else pales. It’s a spotlight confined to a carefully crafted scene.

It feels as if we are undone but we are only revealed, and there is a difference. We have seen who we are–really–and we will never be the same. That’s awareness, a light that attention cannot withstand.

No one said living in the light is easy. We fly to its flames like moths. Of course, the flame is out before we get there, and the master of the brand does not care.

He is already onto his next illusion. The media spotlight running behind him, always behind him. After all, he and the media have a bittersweet but firm relationship.

I think that is his Achilles’ heel, his worship of attention, which he hides in plain sight, so confident is this man who would be king but is temporarily becalmed in a presidency of a constitutional republic.

We have never lived up to our masterful Constitution, a revolutionary document of ideals, yet it continues to close in the master of the brand when nothing else does.

This is our moment to stop living a history full of broken promises. Why not pass on a history worthy of having been lived.

Bono once said that America was more than a country,

it was an idea—and it still is. It may still only be aspirational,

but I think it is a worthy aspiration. The world still needs

an idea like America. All the stuff in those songs we sing

is music worth trying to make together.

John Pavlovitz, “Missing the America That Never Was”



Aim for Even posts offer equanimity a dose at a time. No day or dose is ever the same, even if the aim is. You may read about the origins of Aim for Even here or on this site’s About page.

3 thoughts on “Master of the Brand

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  1. yes, unfortunately he did reveal the very dark underbelly of america, and we have to acknowledge it. he is rubbing our noses in it. the irony is that our democratic system, as deeply flawed as it is, allows us to be masters of our fate, if only we will get up off our butts, turn the damn TV off and go vote. lets’ hope this dark era will provoke a strong reaction for the good

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