Compassion in all Weathers

When there is compassion in my heart, there is kindness in my words. But how to stay compassionate, to keep open the doors of my heart in all weathers. Some days, there are rainbows but not without storms. As one passes, another forms--the unknown--its forces full of fear. Impermanence. I rely on its inevitability--impermanence--immersing myself... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Form, It’s Flow

Knowing the interdependence of all things, the compassionate heart arises naturally. Honshin “Interdependence of all things” is not a phrase that comes quickly to mind these days. The idea of mutual reliance--equanimity in relationship--seems far-fetched, a compassionate heart more a sunset than a dawn. Like any line in the sand, a new tide washes away... Continue Reading →

Why the Open Heart?

Buddhists believe the “genuine heart” (bodhichitta) resides in all beings--no matter the selfishness or unkindness. It is the possibility in each of us to awaken, to change. The genuine heart is neither neutral nor doormat. It is fiercely hard to be compassionate. After all, it’s so easy not to be. Why meet every situation with equanimity? For... Continue Reading →

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