Turning Down a Day of Chase with Gratitude

I woke up weary. It happens. If I’m not mindful, the day will get lost in “if only”--escape scenarios--unsettled energy, swirling first in one direction then another, a day of chase. I am reminded of Pema Chodron’s observation regarding Buddhist teachings: they keep telling us we “don’t have a lot of time to waste.” That... Continue Reading →

Down the Rabbit Hole

“Follow your curiosity down those rabbit holes” is this Sunday morning’s sentiment--”embrace your inner wiring…” (Emilie Wapnick). It is a favorite feeling, familiar and relished, to trek down a rabbit hole. Curiosity liberates— its core passionate--an authenticity not always allowed. Why not? But I am on my way down the rabbit hole and though not late,... Continue Reading →

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