No Expectations, Just Experience

Maybe I always believed in “bursting the boundaries.” After 40 years of chronic illness, it seems so. This kind of “resistance” to medical expectations takes a certain amount of naïveté, and I don’t mind admitting that. It also means staying in the moment, regardless of the experience it offers--no expectations, just experience. And sometimes, I... Continue Reading →

Not Running Short of Small Change

On this Monday morning I am reminded of  "small change, small wonders—the currency of my endurance and ultimately of my life” (Barbara Kingsolver). I had an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to mark my six-week progress of my second hip-joint replacement. First there was the x-ray and then there was its viewing. The surgeon and... Continue Reading →

Pause and Repeat: The Monarch Warrior

A week from today I have my second hip replacement surgery. It means tapering off autoimmune disease medication. It’s always a tricky time. Physically, my cells shift to adapt to lack. In response, my mind releases words at whim. The challenge of the sentence looms. I remember the warrior butterfly— bodhisattva— who forsakes the firm... Continue Reading →

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